Thursday, February 26, 2009

Did I mention our house is haunted?

Now we don't know if our house is really haunted, but I am up right now at 4:30 am and hear something that sounds like my kids shaking their piggy bank. Or maybe like a mouse in a jar of jellybeans or peanuts? Could that be what it really is? We don't have jellybeans, but we do have peanuts. Hmmm....should I check? Scary....

I remember I lived in Jamaica Plain, MA years ago right outside of Boston for grad school with my roommate Michelle. We were in this adorable little brownstone. We were of course connected to several other tenants, one of which called the landlord and reported that she had cockroaches!! YUCK! So the landlord called us and asked us to check to see if we had them. He told us to wait until it is dark, get a flash light, go into the kitchen and flash the light under the kitchen sink. I'll never forget it....we were scared to death! Gripping on to eachother, we slowly made our move into the kitchen and squabbled over who should open the cabinet. To be honest I don't even remember if we had them, but we screamed when we opened the cabinet with just the thought of giant bugs crawling under our sink.

Since we moved into this house about 2 years ago, we hear all kinds of unexplainable creaks, squeaks and bumps. My husband and I joke that we have a ghost in our house. I tell him that it's a friendly one. So this morning I am up for no other reason than I am pregnant. Yes, only 16 weeks, but already have insomnia. So I'm sitting here on the couch checking e-mail and figuring out my day, which starts in about 2 hours, and I hear a rattling noise in our kitchen. Now I'm convinced there has to be something going on in my kitchen. I put my computer down and quick throw on the lights thinking that I will find something to explain the strange noise and of course-NOTHING. But the wierd thing is now there is no more noise. Did I frighten our ghost away? Wait...I hear it again. Maybe I should just leave the light on in there or put the tv on so I won't hear it.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Philly Moms Blog Post: Slum Dog

Here is my latest Philly Moms Blog Post! Let me know if you've seen Slum Dog Millionaire and what you thought. If you haven't seen it- Read My Warning!

I'm up again tonight at 1:00 typing away here. I fell asleep in my son's bed around 8:00 until about 11:00 so am now paying for my catnap. I finally got to bed again about an hour ago and then he was up coughing with a super stuffy nose. My daughter of course heard him up and is now in my bed. The little cutie pie has been sick since Friday so I couldn't turn her away. I said, "Katie, what can Mommy get for you?" She said, "A snuggle." I mean how do you say no to that!

And my husband is on a painting mission in our downstairs hallway. Did I tell you that our entire house was painted different shades of brown when we moved in two years ago. Yes, baby poo brown, puke brown, dingy brown, tan brown, light brown, mud brown.....You get it- sort of like Forest Gump's shrimp friend! They didn't even choose a nice chocolate brown. The hallway and dining room are the last remaining brown rooms- not for long!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Why am I still up?

Why am I still up?  Could it be because I was craving a vanilla milkshake and instead searched the cabinets and fridge for nothing that would meet my needs.  Then, decided to try to eat a meatball sandwich (YUCK) which luckily a few bites into it I had to put down.  I do know that when I do go up to bed that I will be up every couple of hours to use the bathroom.  

I am only 15 weeks pregnant (with #3), but the frequent trips to the potty have been torturing me since the first couple of weeks.  In addition, my skin is breaking out.  And yes, I am gaining weight at a rapid speed.  BUT- I can't wait to just stare at our new baby in August and smell it's little head.  So all of this stuff I am briefly complaining about is really not a big deal. Ahhh.... I feel better-off to bed!  

Mommy's High Heel Shoes Goes Digital!

A sneak preview of the digital version of Mommy's High Heel Shoes.  It really gives my book a whole new dimension!

Now you can download Mommy's High Heel Shoes for your ipod touch, iphone or computer! Your child can read along with the book or watch when you are in the car or out and about. Now screen time can be reading time too!

Here is a 25% off code MHHS.  Just type the code in at the Mobistories checkout! 

Leave me a comment and tell me what you think!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The call I've been waiting for!

For months, we have been trying to potty train my son.  He's got the pee pee on the potty thing down.  He even stands up like a big boy and uses his "shooter" to make bubbles in the water.  However, we have been struggling with how to get him to poop on the potty.  He usually waits until he has a pull up on either early in the morning or right before bed.  He sneaks off and hides in the closet or behind the sofa and says, "Mommy go away!  Don't smell my poop!"  I've tried to bribe him with chocolate, candy, marshmellows (his fav) and so many other things.  So for the past few days, I have been saying, "Mommy will bring you home a surprise from work when you poop on the potty.  I'll bring you a big orange balloon!"  (his favorite color of course!)

Today, I got the best call on my cell phone.  "Mommy, I go poop on the potty!" Of course, I was thrilled, "Good Boy- you are such a big boy- I'm so proud of you!"  

So here is a funny story.  I stop at the dollar store on my way home and pick out an orange balloon and a green one (so my daughter of course has one to play with).  The dollar store guy was trying to upsell me some balloons.  He says, "what's the special occasion?  We have lots of fun balloons- take a look!"  I tell him, "My son pooped on the potty!"  His face was priceless.   I said, "what do you mean- you don't have Happy Poop on the Potty Balloons?"  He did find me a potty book for boys though from the back of the store.  I had to buy it.  Even though the book was $2.0o at the dollar store??


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Mommy's High Heel Shoes-Reading Time Gone Mobile!

Now you can download Mommy's High Heel Shoes for your ipod touch, iphone or computer right from the iTunes App store and for a limited time just .99 cents! Your child can read along with the book or watch when you are in the car or out and about. Now screen time can be reading time too! Here is a 25% off code: MHHS. Just type the code in at the checkout!