Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Book Status

The books are on their way!!! I'll have 200 advance copies next week :)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's Divalicious!

So I am thrilled that my blog has a new look!!  Thank you to the amazing job of Candy at Divalicious Designs.  If the name of her business doesn't draw you in, take a look at her awesome website http://divalicous-designs.blogspot.com and extremely unique, modern & fun templates.  I e-mailed Candy last night about updating my blog and she had it up by this afternoon.  She is speedy, professional and a gorgeous work at home Mom of two little girls.  If you think you can't afford a professional looking website for your blog, you are wrong!  Contact Ms. Divalicious for a new update & blog makeover!

Now, I will say- I edited my blog Title artwork a smidge tonight.  (I hope you don't mind Candy).  There was cute kitty cat sitting on the top of the sofa, which I loved, but my husband said it was bad luck because we don't have a cat.  Being superstitious as I am, I erased the poor cute kitty in paint and added artwork from my illustrator, Pat Achilles, of my doggy George (a character in the book as well).  George is in heaven so I thought having him on my title banner may be lucky!

I hope you all like my new blog!!



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