Thursday, June 18, 2009

Philly Moms Blog Party

I wanted to first of all thank my friend Mary Fran Bontempo for driving to our Philly Moms Blog Launch Party in last week in the rain.   I admit that I am not the same social girl when I am pregnant (let alone 8 months pregnant) and don't know if I would have made it without her.  I think I would be completely content to just hibernate in my house for the entire nine months.   It was really so wonderful to meet in person all of the online voices :)  

Also a HUGE thank you to Shannon and Anna Maria from PBS Kids Sprout for offering their wonderful space for the event!!

And for all the SWAG!


8” Omelette Pan-

Goody Stuff

Therapy Brush-Dandruff

Therapy Brush-Shine

Ouchless Purse Brush

StayPut Hair Elastics

Sharpie Markers and Bag (their new community site- very cool!)


And for those of you lucky enough to be winners:

Calphalon One Cookware:

4 pack of tickets from the Please Touch Museum:

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Thank you Sarah for taking great footage of the event!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Philly Moms Blog: Philadelphia Freedom- Letting Go Of The "Stuff"

Philadelphia Freedom- Letting Go Of The "Stuff"
My latest Philly Moms Blog Post.....

Last week I decorated baby number three's nursery, which was a guest room full of "stuff." You know that stuff that you just hold on to either because you think you may use it again or because of the memories the stuff represents. After moving much of the stuff out to the garage where it joined forces with our other stuff, I felt completely overwhelmed by it all! I decided it was time to purge. I knew I had to be my own episode of Clean Sweep!

I also knew this stuff could earn us some money, something everyone can use with the current state of the economy. I thought about a yard sale, but the idea of lugging all of the stuff outside, setting it up and price tagging it all exhausted me (especially being 8 months pregnant). And if it didn't sell? Then what, lug it all back in? Yikes!

In the past, I have listed items on E-bay, but it has been a while. Then I thought, "how would I ever ship a big double stroller or heavy box of extra kitchen tiles?" Of course I had heard of Craigslist, but to be honest was a little frightened to use it because of some of the recent news stories. Did I really want to risk that weirdos would knock on my front door just to make a few extra dollars? Oh, what are the chances... READ THE REST OF THIS POST ON PHILLY MOMS BLOG-CLICK HERE

Where does all of our "stuff" go when we just throw it in the trash???
Click Here- Check Out This Video!


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