Sunday, February 28, 2010

How do you throw these away?

Organizing today- One of many pictures in my office. This one, my 5 y/
o daughter made me.

"It's me and you," she said.  I hope she's still making me these pics when she's 10!

Philly Moms Blog- Philadelphia Snow Storm Post

Here is my Latest Philly Moms Blog Post

Philadelphia Snowstorm #4- Are You Snover It? Ready for Flowers?
I'm drinking my cup of french vanilla coffee watching the beautiful flakes begin to fall next to my daughter who is busy (for now) coloring in her girly garden fairy coloring book. "No school- yippee," she says as memories of my own childhood race through my mind.
Philadelphia's fourth snowstorm is already hitting us hard this morning, ironically, right before the Philadelphia Flower Show this weekend. While many people are Snover It, complaining and griping about our city's stinky effort this season to remove the snow from the previous few storms, I'm loving it! As much as I love warm weather, flowers and my gardens in the spring and summer, this record dumping snow has been a blessing and given me several days off of work this winter and more time with my kids.

My husband is gearing up his broom arm in an effort to save our trees from what they predict to be wet heavy snow accompanied by some crazy winds later today. The kids are already bugging him to build up and repair the half melted mini Olympic luge course in our slightly sloped back yard (Don't worry- it's truly mini and not nearly as dangerous as the Vancouver course!) And, of course, to bring our "Frosty" the snowman back to life again! It's hard to believe in just a month or so we will be watching the daffodils and tulips pop their heads out of the ground and the hummingbirds come out from hiding.

But for those of you who can't wait for spring to get here (and it's Snow Wonder!)- The Philadelphia Flower Show begins this Sunday- February 28th, 2010 down at the Philadelphia Convention Center. For an entire week, you can walk into a room of flowers and plants that have been fooled by artificial lighting and temperature controls. To those flowers, these winter storms didn't exist!

This is an original post to Philly Moms Blog.  Kristie is the author of the children's book:Mommy's High Heel Shoes and works full time in the Bio Oncology world.  When she isn't enjoying the snow, you can find her writing on her personal blog and Real Mommy Reviews.  Follow her adventures on Twitter @MommyshhShoes.  This photograph was taken in her own backyard by her husband, Chris.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mommy's High Heel Shoes for you iPod and iPad. Yep, It's an iTunes App!

Click THIS LINK to dowload the Mommy's High Heel Shoes App for your iPod or iPad. It's just 99 cents and so far getting all 5 Star Reviews. Kids love the interactive app and read it alone or along with the hardcover picture book!

Have fun and let me know what you think!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

The No Phone Zone- What Do You Think?

February 22, 2010
My Latest Philly Moms Blog Post... What do you all think?

Making My Car A No Phone Zone Is Just NOT For Me.

Cell phone I'm a huge fan of being a safe driver, NOT a distracted driver. I'm also a huge fan of Oprah. But I'm just NOT on board with her recent campaign to make our cars No Phone Zones. I've been in sales for 15+ years and have had a cell phone since as long as I can remember. I've had BIG phones, speaker phones, flip phones and now have a blackberry and an iPhone (yes, I have two phones!) I'm on the phone so much that I generally get a new phone every year. Verizon...LOVES me.

Talking on my phone while driving makes all the travel I do bearable and time efficient. It's lonely and tough being on the road so much, especially when I'm missing my three kids at home and thinking about all of the things that I need to get taken care of for both work and my personal life. And if I pulled over to the side of the road to make calls, I'd be there all day. If I waited until I got home, I'd be ignoring my kids and be a distracted parent. I'm all about time management. My car is my second home and my office. Would you take the phone out of your home or office?

I did think about signing Oprah's no phone pledge. I clicked on her website and when I thought about it, I just could NOT check all of the boxes. There were three boxes. The first, to agree to NOT text while driving. The second, to only use a hands-free device while talking. And the third, to completely agree to NEVER text or talk while driving- making your car a NO Phone Zone. I could only agree to the first.

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