Saturday, May 23, 2009

3D Ultrasound

On Thursday, we ventured to a 3D ultra-sound place called Baby's First Peek in Chalfont, PA.  We elected to have an additional elective ultrasound because my kids were sick when I went for my 20 week ultra-sound at the hospital so I had to go it alone while my husband stayed home with the kids.  And since this is our 3rd and last baby we figured...why not!  This really isn't a good time for us to be spending money frivolously with all that is going on with my job right now, but of course we were able to rationalize spending the money.  It cost us $175.00 which we figured we could spend at Target in about an hour.   We were there for one hour and got 6 printed pictures, 76 pictures on a CD, a DVD of the baby's activity while we were there and two balloons for the kids.  It was nice to be able to bring the kids with us and there was a toy room that kept them very busy after they were bored with their 30 second peek at the baby in Mommy's belly.  

On the way there I told my kids we were going to look at your baby sister in Mommy's belly with a special tool.  My son says, "Are they going to use a hammer or a screwdriver?"  Thank goodness that wasn't the case!

It was neat to see our little baby girl put her foot in her eye socket, suck on her umbilical cord and do lots of wiggling!  It was also great to experience seeing the baby with my husband.  We found out that our baby was a girl at the 20 week ultrasound, but didn't get the best view of her "privates" so it was very reassuring to see that baby #3  is confirmed for sure a girl!  We also loved seeing her chubby cheeks and little lips-just a couple more months to go and we'll get to meet her in person!  


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