Tuesday, April 28, 2009

As a working mom, do you have this problem? I do!

A writer and virtual friend, Jodi, from DC Metro Moms Blog recently told me she is writing an article about a working mom and wanted to know if she could use some artwork from my book. Of course, I said yes!

I just read her post: When you are the Only Mom who has a Job on the DC Metro Moms Blog and it turns out that I have had the same issue at my daughter's pre-school. Being one of the only working moms was more of a problem last year than this year though. The school always seems to plan events like field trips or the mother's day lunch at the last minute and then I have to scramble and have to re-arrange my entire schedule or miss it (Boo!).

This year, I asked the Director at the beginning of the year to let me know ahead of time when the events are because I love them so much and hate to dissapoint my daughter by not being there. I feel lucky because the Director (Thank you Joan!) even checked with me to check my schedule before arranging the pumpkin patch trip. I do find that I have to be very pro-active and positive in communicating my needs as a working mom though- which does add more to my to do list. I forgot to check in about this year's Mother's Day event, but luckily didn't have to re-arrange too much! Playdates with friends from school are another story....

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  1. Thanks so much for the link and for loaning the artwork. I'm glad you liked the post!



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